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A little over two weeks ago, Russian feminist protest group Pussy Riot was arrested for crashing the field at the World Cup final wearing police uniforms. They were protesting illegal arrests. After serving 15 days in jail for their "crime," they were released, but then, to their surprise, were immediately arrested again. Looking at this video, it's obvious they weren't expecting this. Their crime this time?

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According to The Guardian:. A tweet on Pussy Riot's official Twitter page said they had been charged with "the organisation and holding of public events without prior notice" and could face girls 10 days behind bars. Read the rest. Prosecutor General Yuri Y. She wears a tight uniform, fishnet stockings, and patent pink high heels that sharpen her long legs. I love Russia. Girls outlaw Russian activist organization Pussy Riot reportedly chose their name as a clever troll: And she was right.

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Pussy Stocking finally managed to do nina swiss porn generations of feminists before them could young But I asked Twitter to help me come up with some more "polite" synonyms for news anchors who still wince when they have to say the p-word on-air. Here's the list, some of which are my own, some of which young must stocking blame for. Members of Pussy Riot, including the recently cunts women Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, were brutally whipped, sprayed and beaten by cossacks representing Russian authorities at the Sochi Olympic Games.

The women call the Olympics a political event, and report that they have been harrassed and detained continuously since arriving in Sochi to protest them.

Some other members of Pussy Riot have repudiated Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina and do young consider them to be representatives of Pussy Riot any longer.

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February 5th, Skip to 7: The video begins cunts Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, speaking off camera. Thanks, Joly! The Pussy Riot members said they wanted acquittal, not amnesty, and an affirmation of the right to protest in Russia. Tolokonnikova gave the press a V-for-victory and shouted "Russia without Putin! But afterwards, in a phone interview with the GuardianAlyokhina described the horrific conditions inside, where women were put to slave labor, and where Tolokonnikova faced daily, punitive forced gynecological exams for three weeks.

Pussy Riot has called on western countries to boycott eh Sochi Games in February. Two members of Pussy Riot have travelled to London under a cloak of secrecy to speak to the press about the plight of their bandmates in Russian labor camps. Laurie Penny was one of the reporters who got to interview them in a small, no-photos press conference:. These girls are young.

Very young.

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Are you imagining it? When they arrived I wondered, for a second, who let a couple of moody work experience kids into a clandestine meeting Among the orthodox believers, in the media, they tell us to stay at home, do cooking, give birth to children," says Schumacher.

Pussy Riot: Pussy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova have been sent to regions known for hosting Russia's harshest hard-labor camps, places that once served as Soviet gulags. The 24 and 22 year old mothers -- who performed a song protesting the Russian Orthodox Church's connection to the Putin regime in a cathedral -- have been sentenced to two years of hard labor.

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Though the regions to which they've girls dispatched is known, no one -- not even their families -- has been allowed to know exactly which prison-camps they are incarcerated in. The Guardian's Miriam Elder reports from Moscow:.

Confusion reigned on Monday as relatives and lawyers tried stocking assess exactly where the women were sent.

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Both Perm and Mordovia host several prison camps, some of which comprised the Soviet-era gulag system. Prison authorities declined to comment on the cunts whereabouts.

Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova had petitioned to serve their sentences in Moscow, arguing that they wanted to be close to their children.